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Kristina Leipzig 

Hot Weather Gear


Home Depot sells a Ryobi battery operated fan that you will see at many dog sport trials. This is the fan I personally use. 

Home Depot also sells the same Ryobi fan with misting capability.

Home Depot sells a Rigid fan that is also popular. 

Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Megastore sells any size you could possibly want at a decent price. I personally use the Aluminet version.


Clean Run sells a variety of warm weather tools, including car window vents and vent locks for your tailgate. 

Other Useful Links

David Leer at Creekwalker Photography– a fabulous photographer you will find at many nosework trials in the PNW. Not only is he incredible at capturing your dog’s working moments, but he also does general pet photography. My go-to person for capturing those life-long memories of my dogs.