We are training at a facility or area that I do not own. It is due to the generous home/business owners that we are here. PLEASE clean up after your dog. All dogs MUST be on lead, unless contained in a safe area for working purposes only. This is up to instructor discretion.  We want to maintain a good standing in our community in order to continue to be granted opportunities to be at these great training locations.

Dog Management

No dog-to-dog interactions. No exceptions! This is a sport where dog on dog contact is not necessary. Many reactive dogs enjoy this sport, and to be able to maintain safety, we must adhere to keeping dogs distanced from one another. Think of it as social distancing for dogs.

If your dog needs additional space from humans or other dogs, I ask that you place a red bandana on the dog or leash. You will find the bandana system at many sporting venues and it’s used as a visual cue for people to recognize your dog may need more space to feel comfortable.


There will be opportunities where you will be able to crate your dog inside during hot weather. You must provide your own crate and your dog must not be disruptive (ie, excessive barking). If you choose to leave your dog in your car, please visit Resources to find shade cloth and battery operated fan recommendations to keep your dog safe and comfortable.


No refunds after the first day of class in the session. Please contact me if you need to drop a class and I will do my best to work with you to find a workable solution for both of us.

If you decide to drop a class before the first day of a session, you will receive a full refund (minus PayPal fees, if applicable).

Make-Up Classes

I want to work with you and your dog to receive the instruction you deserve! Please contact me and we’ll work together to find a day to reschedule. Please note, a make up class may not take place until the end of a session, depending on my availability.